Sparkling Wines


Angoris has been making Modolet for 40 years and it has always been a reference point for the winery and for Italian sparkling wine.

Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay.  Classic grapes known for their versatility and elegance.  Angoris’ Modolet has a long and proud tradition of making sparkling wines, one that has always defied trends and worked to develop its own style.

Modolet is a Charmat Method sparkling wine that expresses itself through the minerality of the soils, the richness of the hillside lands and the straightforward aromatics of the Isonzo.

 16 48 

A single goal: following the tradition of Angoris’ first classic method, the Nature, which ceased production in 1996. From here comes 16 48: a toast to Angoris and its long history.

Cuvèe: 100% Chardonnay for the White; 100% Pinot Nero for the Rosé – all carefully selected and hand harvested from our finest vineyards.

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